5 Natural Deodorants Based on Your Body Type

5 Natural Deodorants Based on Your Body Type

All of these are natural, and you’ll love them!

When people look for deodorants, you never see it labeled “for people who rarely perspire” or “for sweaty mofo’s who actually break a sweat because they run around a lot”. No, you normally have a wasted $8 that could have gone towards a much needed drink from that little coffee house that you go to every Wednesday even though it’s mediocre and you really only want some “me time” reading a cheesy romance novel while you admire that hot, part-time barista with the muscles. Nobody ever bases it off of your perspiration type or as I said “body type” because our bodies are unique, we all perspire at different levels. As a “switcher” (yeah it’s a term I made for those who’ve finally obtained the courage to give up their aluminum ex: unnatural deodorant), I learned that not every product is the same OR works the same so here’s a little guide for you all:

  • Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant: Bergamot & Lime Stick - best for Medium-High Perspire

    As someone with sensitive skin, I found this to be really harsh in terms of texture. However, it stays strong for 12 hours, which is better than any unnatural stick deodorant i’ve ever used.

    -Not for those with sensitive skin, must be held under the underarms for at least 2 minutes before application. Schmidt’s lines come in many different scents, even unscented.

  • Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant: Bergamot & Lime Jar - best for Medium-High Perspire

    This is by far the best form of deodorant i’ve found thus far! It melts in your palm quickly, then you apply to underarms. Lasts all day (24 hours), protects from odor, and truly works wonders. I apply this after I shower/shave but I wait many minutes after shaving before I apply this, just so I won’t have any possible irritation. Gotta have good skin!

    -Not for immediate use after shaving, on broken skin, or irritated skin. (to heal damaged skin from shaving or waxing, apply coconut oil on skin for at-least 2 days before you apply any deodorant)

  • Nubian African Black Soap - best for Low-Medium Perspire

    This worked well for 3 hours, but then wore off for my personal activity levels. If you have low or medium perspiration, then this will work perfect for you. However, if you normally have high perspire then this is not recommended. Scent is exactly like African Black Soap, and lasts a long time, but is not overpowering. Great for sensitive skin, and gentle to apply.

  • Alaffia Coconut Reishi - Low Perspire

    This scent was nice, but would be more suitable for low perspire. Did not last for more than an hour on myself, but might last longer for others depending on hormones/activity level/detox stage/age. Great for sensitive skin, and has a smooth consistency.

  • Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes - All Types

    This is such a fantastic invention because we will all have a time where we’re outside, working out, traveling, or just need a touch-up throughout the day. These wipes not only smell amazing, but they really work! These are great for all skin types, the summer, and literally if you just wanna smell like their luxurious fragrance that lasts all day.

*this article was not paid for by any of the brands mentioned. Just an honest guide!