How to Switch to Natural Deodorant

If you’re anything like me, you’re a little impatient, work hard, and want a deodorant that works hard just as you sans the toxic ingredients. It’s no secret now that unnatural deodorants are full of a heavy metal called aluminum, and many scientists have revealed its link between breast cancer among other toxin overloads such as organ toxicity. While others may deny this link, a question I always ask is, who’s making the money? It sure isn’t us, and it most definitely is the 72.7 BILLION dollar (and growing) anti-perspirant industry and its associates. You decide, but I decided to go natural.

For thousands of years people have used natural forms of antiperspirants, but it wasn’t until recently that new chemicals were made and little particles of heavy metals used to “stop the sweat”. If sweat is here because its a way to expel toxins from the system, what do you think is happening if you keep adding toxins to the system door? A toxin overload.

Because i’ve been through the detox, I no longer have issues that many people face such as: discoloration, excess sweat, or a weird odor. Natural deodorant and the detox has given me my skin tone back, no rashes, normal perspiration, and no weird odor.

I legit smell like a key lime pie every day (thank you Schmidt’s Bergamot & Lime jar!)

Now I’ll help you. Today I give you some extremely helpful tips on how to switch to natural deodorant effectively:

  • Once you throw away your evil aluminum vices, you need to do a detox.

    You probably think that a detox means drinking more water, but in this case it requires several steps. Why? Because your body is so full of heavy metals from years of unnatural deodorants, it has to detox itself out of your body BEFORE you introduce your body to a new lifestyle.

  • Detox using the I.E.E. method (Internal. External. Eternal):

    1: Drink more water to cleanse the heavy metals out of your system. In this time, you will need several weeks of extra water drinking to fully rinse your body of the toxins it harbored for so long.

    TIP: 20 sips before urinating, 20 sips after urinating, and 8 oz throughout the day.

    2: Less sugar, bread, dairy, and no fast food. Unless you’re eating organic fast food, all of those nasty ingredients are going to make you one stinky person throughout this process, worse than those who already don’t eat toxic oils from greasy fast food.

    3: An underarm scrub such as a charcoal scrub, or natural coconut oil/coffee grounds body scrub should be used every other day under the arms while you shower to literally scrape off of the dead skin, and buildup of your old deodorant. Whether you know it or not, you actually have buildup from the aluminum metals and cheap ingredients that thrive off of your underarm bacteria. In order to get rid of it, you need a topical scrub. From this point on, you will be doing underarm scrubs for the rest of your life, but just not as often as the first 3 weeks. The reason for this, is to rejuvenate your skin, and prep it for the natural deodorant to work/sink into the skin more effectively.

  • This will take 4-6 weeks.

    The detox process takes 3-4 weeks depending on your current health. During this process, you will smell worse than ever before. (This is where the scrubs and Pacifica underarm wipes come in). During this process, you have to be strong and touch-up. You might think that “this natural stuff just isn’t working!!” so you might be a pansy and give into your ex: the evil aluminum deodorant for a day, but on that day you realize that not even THAT is working so now you’re freaking out going “NoThiNg is WORKING?!” but it’s all a fluke. You’re losing your mind because your body is trying to survive without the poison.

    TIP: Just go back to the natural deodorant of your choice based on your normal perspire levels, throw your ex in the trash, touch-up using the natural wipes, and just keep detoxing. It’'ll be a few weeks, but once it’s been several weeks and you no longer are pumped full of heavy metals, you’ll be singing sweet home natural deodorant in no time.

  • Go tell your best friend

    Once is all said and done, go tell a friend. It has given me such a peace of mind to know that I’m now fully using natural body products, to protect and prevent.


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*this article was not paid for by any of the mentioned brands. Just an honest guide!