2 Green Nutrients for Daily Energy



    Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is beneficial in detox of heavy metals, prevents cancer, is memory boosting, boosts energy, and a multitude of other amazing benefits. Deep rooted in Indigenous Mexican history, it’s safe to say that this just might be one of the healthiest earth products in the universe. You can read more here: at Dr. Axe.com

    Chlorella kinda works in the same way, except for it’s different. While this jewel is used across the world, it’s still an enigma to the health community. With its super sonic anti-radiation, weight loss promoting, immune system boosting, youth preserving, heavy metal melting healing powers; it’s only uphill from here. I personally have a 50% to 50% formula that shares both Spirulina & Chlorella in little tablets so i’m not on a healthy overload. It’s always important to have balance in our lives, especially when it comes to natures gifts. My 50/50 bag full of these little things should be swallowed, not chewed. While many might tell you to chew it, you’ll be tasting algae in your teeth for hours if you do, (aka: ew). Drink one at a time if you have a small throat like I do, and take about 6 a day. If you’re sensitive to iodine, be wary as Chlorella contains iodine.

  • Juiced Green Superfood

    If you hate the taste of green juice, then try an Organic one that has a flavor like Pomegranate, Apple, or some other fruit to help you down it. I drink mine with water so I can just taste the greens, because for me I actually like the taste of greens (I know, I’m odd). Remember though, take your juice at morning or lunch (but no later), and make sure it has Yerba Mate. My green powder has Yerba in it for an energy boost, which literally will make a difference if you have it versus not. Yerba is such an amazing energizing plant that won’t give you the caffeine jitters that coffee normally does. After using my favorite green juice for months, I started to realize how much energy it gave me, my focusing was sharper, and I overall felt so much better.

    Remember to take any precaution before using if you’re pregnant, and ask your doctor.

*this article was not paid for by any of the mentioned brands/persons. Just an honest guide!