5 Earth-Friendly Green Teas to Pep your Monday

Five Earth-Friendly Green Teas to Pep your Monday

Sometimes a coffee just doesn’t do it the way it should. Therefore, that’s where green-tea comes to play. While you may automatically assume that the 21st century has surpassed the modern world with everything being friendly for the earth, but that is far from the truth. Giving back to the earth begins with the simplest acts we do on a daily basis. It even trickles down to the importance of having Eco-friendly tea! Here are five options that are not only deliciously soothing, but do good to the planet we call home. <3

Bigelow Green Tea- Boxes, Tea Bags, Strings, and Tags are 100% Biodegradable

Eden Organic Sencha Green Tea- Printed with Vegetable Ink on Recycled cardboard

The Peoples Green Tea Daily Green Tea- Unbleached bags. Only sustainable ingredients. Container is recyclable.

Zhena’sGypsyTea Coconut Chai Green Tea- Eco-friendly sachets. Fair Trade. 70% recycled metal tin. 100% Recyclable.

Teatulia Organic Green Tea- Canister is recyclable. No strings. Eco-friendly.

Featuring an authentic Japanese Uchiwa fan.

Did you know green-tea (绿茶) originated in China during the Shang Dynasty for medicinal purposes?

Happy Earth Day!

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