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Huda Beauty. What the Fudge??

Huda Beauty. What the Fudge??

Huda Beauty Setting Powder, Liquid Lipstick, and Eyeshadow Honest Review

Before I begin let’s just say that this haul was quite a disappointment. It was a disappointment with the customer service, product quality, undertone issues, and surprise size of things. However, this doesn’t mean the rest of the products are horrible! I only tried these three products, and was not impressed. Let us start with the pricing:

$34 Easy Bake Loose Powder in Kunafa

$27 Obsessions Palette in Topaz

$20 Liquid Matte in Girlfriend

I bought these products during Black Friday from Shop Huda Beauty, and was immediately charged to my account, which I was okay with! Until… It wasn’t until nearly two weeks later that customer service replied back to me, and another four days later that my package was sent out. So frustrating! THEN, my sister had to deal with the bank because Shop Huda Beauty took money out of her account immediately even though the checkout form said there was errors, the customer service team never responded, and never sent out any form of confirmation emails/shipping/etc.

Moving forth…

Easy Bake Loose Powder


I ordered the Easy Bake in Kunafa because of my golden undertones, but this was more yellowish orange than golden. I also have green undertones because of my Olive skin tone, so this looked too yellow on my complection. Sad for me!

It smells very perfumy which I hate. The Talc in it also makes my skin itch (like with any talc based powder). I would rather of had a fruity scent!


The package was huge, acrylic/plastic, and the consistency is finely milled.

It is made in Italy.

Obsessions Palette in Topaz


IT IS AS BIG AS MY PALM. For the price, it should have been a standard Kylie Cosmetics, Morphe, or Urban Decay palette size! If it was meant to be tiny, then they should have mentioned it was travel sized.

It is made in China. AKA, Animal Cruelty.

Bad ingredients.

It is not pigmented at all. The sparkly shadows are more pigmented than the rest, but with one swipe it should be more pigmented than my cheap drugstore counterparts. Check out my IG story for swatch comparisons!


The colors are so pretty!

They added a mirror in the palette to make up for the tiny size I guess, which is always a need.

Liquid Matte Girlfriend


It is the definition of oil in a tube. I have had drugstore liquid matte lipsticks that are far less oily than that! I was so upset to know that it was that oily. It literally took an entire 2 minutes to dry up halfway. If you like oily lipstick, here’s your one.

It is about 30% lipstick product, 70% bottle.


It is made in Italy.

The shade is gorgeous.

Overall I had a negative experience with this company, but I had really hoped for the best. Comparing it to other quality products, even drugstore, this felt like a ripoff in many ways than one. I hope Huda Beauty comes out with better, quality, products though in the near future!


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