BATTLE OF THE PRIMERS + paper test/swatches

The Pore Professional primers, Too Faced HangoverRX replenishing face primer, and the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base.

Long story short: The Bobbi Brown wins every time.

Roundup: I have a combination skin type, but very oily T-Zone. Every primer will work differently on others skin type, so take this battle with some salt, unless you’re me, then this is exactly how it works!

Too Faced Hangover RX primer PRO- It is soft, thin, nourishing, and does not stay heavy on the skin.

CON- The smell is odd, kind of like a hospital. (Sorry!) Very bad for the T-Zone. My face was severely oily in the T-Zone after one hour. Dried oily on the paper test.

Benefit Pore Professional Pearl Primer PRO- It makes my skin glow.

CON- Made my T-Zone oily after a few hours, and the pearl aspect turned greasy looking after a while. The consistency is like playdough, and immediately dried oily on the paper test.

Benefit Pore Professional Pore Primer blue PRO- This is the best thing ever for an oily T-Zone, completely takes away any oil. Perfect for the nose and forehead!

CON- Very bad for dry skin, as my forehead is dry, along with my cheeks and chin, this dried me out almost instantly. Dried oily on the paper test, but much less oily than the Pearl Primer. Also, has a weird texture, almost grainy, and thick.

Bobbi Brown face base PRO- This is absolute perfection for the combination skin type. It takes away all the oil, but does not dry out the skin. It did NOT dry oily on the paper test. It even smells expensive. Speaking of…

CON- It is expensive, $60, which is double the price of the Pore Professional. That is all.

I placed a black dot right next to where the primer is, so you can clearly view the outcome. As you can see, the Benefit Pearl Primer has the most oil on the paper test. What I found strange is that it claims to be “Oil-free” on the packaging. Then what is this wet sustenance leftover within 2 minutes of application? The world may never know. (Cue spooky music)

WELL BABES, This primer battle has really worn me out!

Have no fear.. I’m going to top it off like any beauty warrior does.

A nice glass of white wine Sangria always does the trick!

A nice glass of white wine Sangria always does the trick!

OH, and if anyone knows what the heck is in the Benefit primers to make it THAT wet on paper, please send me an e-mail at:

AH, that’ll do.

Until next time…

Stay Sexy <3


This article was neither paid for nor endorsed by any of the above brands, just an honest review!