The TRUTH About Anastasia Beverly Hill's Subculture Eye Shadow Palette 2019

The TRUTH About Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Subculture Eye Shadow Palette

PRICE: $42


  • Cube (Duo chrome pink pearl)

  • Dawn (Ultra-matte sand)

  • Destiny (Ultra-matte sage green)

  • Adorn (Metallic bronze)

  • All Star (Ultra-matte vintage wine)

  • Mercury (Ultra-matte slate grey)

  • Axis (Ultra-matte blue-green)

  • Rowdy (Ultra-matte blackened purple)

  • Edge (Ultra-matte gold mustard)

  • Untamed (Ultra-matte tarnished green)

  • New Wave (Ultra-matte citron orange)

  • Fudge (Ultra-matte warm bronze)

  • Electric (Duo chrome lime-gold)

  • Roxy (Ultra-matte muted coral)



SUBCULTURE. Quite possibly one of THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL eye shadow palettes ever made. In its 2017 launch, the first round of palettes were a flop. So many reviewers shared their hatred for this palette and some even swore off Anastasia all together. WHAT SILLINESS! Junk happens, and sometimes there are mishaps in any company. How they address it, how they fix it, and what they do about the matter is what is MOST important. Okay now before I go on, this is not a sponsored post, Anastasia is not my cousin, and I am not a part of the Illuminati (Although that is what an Illuminati member would say).


Sorry for that program interruption, but I completely strayed off course! NOW, back to my review!

This palette completely surprised me. IN A GOOD WAY. When I first received the package the wrapping, the box, and the packaging itself is extremely high quality. Mama was happy. Next, I proceeded to swatch and even did a little eye look… and if I were to rate an eye shadow with almost zero fallout, this would be the best company I have found thus far. The pigment is super strong, nearly zero fallout, matte, long lasting, and the brush it came with was actually similar to a Morphe or Sephora brushes. The colors are completely unique and unlike any other palette I’ve seen. Overall, this is a fabulous palette and I will most definitely be purchasing more eye shadows from Anastasia again! So, besides whatever you heard about a year ago, a lot has changed. The formula has improved, and this array of colors just makes me feel special compared to others I’ve seen. I will say however that NYX and Maybelline has focused on unique shades also if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative without compromising quality. Sometimes I have seen these Anastasia palettes go for half off on Amazon and other sites though, so constantly look out for good deals! Overall, I am highly impressed with this palette and it far exceeded my expectations.

Good job Anastasia Beverly Hills!


I love it. You should buy this palette if you have olive or warm undertones since this has several good greens and off-shades to really make your skin pop. If you don’t have those undertones however, this palette will also work for those with any color of eyes. I can imagine the blues would pop blue and brown eyes, the greens for hazel, yellow for amber, and neutral shades for all.



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