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Physicians Formula and Too Faced Bronzers Swatch Off

Physicians Formula and Too Faced Bronzers Swatch Off

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer & Too Faced Chocolate Matte Bronzer Swatches, and Application Tips - Honest Review

Butter or Chocolate?


When I have a nice tan, adding that little bit of bronzer to contour for a slight sun kissed look, really makes me smile. When you live in a nearly sunless town like I do, it can be very difficult to appear like your true self. I have a naturally nice tan, but take me out of the sun for awhile and I look quite pale. (cue sad emoji with waterfall tears) 


Faith Fuentes

Thanks to these little compact miracles I am able to achieve an amazing tan!

It's not that easy.

...Is it?


There is this thing I like to call, CONSISTENCY. As you can see through the swatches below, the Butter Bronzer has more of a smooth, milky texture. The Too Faced chocolate matte is much more loose and chalky. But, in a good way. When you try to pick between the two, you will quickly realize that it's like comparing ice cream to tacos. It's food, but mean't for different times of the day. Then again, I could eat ice cream any time of the day. ;)


The Too Faced chocolate matte is best when applied in the day. It is matte, so any oil shed during the day will be gently masked with this specific bronzer. 

The Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is recommended at night, or if you desire a creamier look. Works excellent with dry to combination skin.

Due to the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer texture, I definitely would not apply this on oily zones if you are prone to a shine. This most certainly maintains its "buttery" texture, and is best when applied on a sponge, but not in harsh lines. Dabbing this around your face on the areas to blend with your foundation, will create a subtle bronze glow without harsh lines, creases, or oil mishaps. The container comes with a small applicator, but I prefer a Beauty Blender or a disposable white sponge applicator. Can be used to contour, but must be softly blended out. 



Too Faced: Pure chocolate goodness

Physicians Formula: The BEACH

Faith Fuentes


Physicians Formula Butter bronzers come in 4 shades: Bronzer, Light Bronzer, Sunkissed Bronzer, and Deep Bronzer

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer comes in one shade, the Chocolate Soleil Matte, but they do offer many other bronzers that have a light to dark range of color 

Faith Fuentes

Walking in the Too Faced territory, is like walking on streets of gold.

Ok, I'm being a little dramatic... but when am I not?

The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil medium matte bronzer is amazing, and I will definitely be purchasing the standard size. When I ordered last from Too Faced, I was given free samples (PRAISE THE LORD). In one of those many samples, birthed this little chocolate goodness.

Faith Fuentes

I know why it's called Chocolate Soleil.

Because it has the consistency of cocoa powder, smells like hot cocoa, and is matte as can be. I recommend applying this with a big. loose brush. It will help spread any particles into the skin, in order to become matte, and provide you a very natural tan.

Faith Fuentes


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (as pictured) $15 travel sized, $30 regular

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer $14

Faith Fuentes


Too Faced Chocolate Matte is best when you desire a natural, matte, brushed bronze skin.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is best when you desire a buttery, sun kissed tan.


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