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How to stand your Ground

How to stand your Ground

Assistant! Would you please keep them on hold for a moment, I have to tell these sweet readers a life lesson today. Thank you!

Okay, where were we?…

I figured I would take my time to literally help out those who weren’t taught how to stand their ground. Even in our modern world, there are so many oppressive individuals/ideologies who seek out to destroy confidence in other people. From my years of experience, standing your ground is essential to survival. Literally, think of this as survival of the fittest. What I do to you, matters on how you react, right? (It does so just say yes).

If I were a mentalist, I would be able to know if you’re lying even before you lie. Your movement tells all, just like in the wild. A big cat in the jungle will stalk its prey for the longest time, prior to jumping for the kill. Same behavior goes in business. So back to my analogy, if I see that you are a pushover, I’ll keep pushing you over. In the world, if people see your moment of weakness, they take it as a cue to trample. While any stable minded person would say, “Hey! You need respect and boundaries because of your weakness.”, psychopaths think of it as “Hey! Let me destroy them to make me feel good.”. The sooner you realize it, the better. Just another reason to stand your ground, so nobody pushes you off. Now i’m not saying be a jerk to everyone you meet, but I am saying to not accept $h!t#& behavior.

When you’re mistreated, that cycle will continue to you if you allow it.

When you’re mistreated, that cycle will continue to you if you allow it. Stand your ground. The key to maturity is creating barriers to your health, and drawing lines that needs to be drawn. As you grow, especially with all of the negative influences on social media, protection of your mental health becomes even more of a necessity than ever. Let me write down some ways you can stand your ground:

  1. Turn off Social Media comments to only people you follow/your friends. There is no need for strangers to be bashing you, acting creepy, or treating you without respect. I don’t allow people to talk to me like that in person, so why would I allow it online?

  2. Don’t be afraid to tell someone “NO”. Sometimes the key to your sanity, is saying NO. Ever seen Yes Man the movie? Well, this is the opposite. You won’t be able to help everyone out everyday, make every meeting, or play the role of God. Saying no just might keep you from losing it.

  3. Stay hydrated. You’d be surprised how many bad decisions are made while dehydrated. Sometimes all you need is water to get your thought process back on track.

  4. Don’t be afraid to take pride in your accomplishments. People tend to think that no matter what they do, someone has done it better than them. Therefore insecurities arise, and a lack of confidence comes in to make you think your accomplishments aren’t all that. Trust me, anything you’ve taken your heart, life, and time into, is an accomplishment worth being proud of/talking about.

  5. Learn to walk away, and never come back. Abusers expect you to come back, because they’re delusional. If you’re being verbally abused by anyone, even strangers, don’t be afraid of walking away for good. Don’t think twice about your decision either, because they want you to question your sanity. As IF you need them. You aren’t dependent on a single soul in this world, so stand strong, regain your independence, and say adios.

Well, I need to get back to my planning. Will be in touch with you my lovely readers, I call my angels.


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