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Image : BuzzFeed

Alcohol. Ah, don’t you love a refreshing drink? I know I do! Especially one that has medicinal properties like alcohol, and relaxes your whole body. Parties, events, or even a night in with some popcorn and a movie; most people enjoy alcohol on a regular basis. It just doesn’t sit right with my body. Unlike others in their 20’s, I however, have a different view to this cosmopolitan masquerade.

Below are a few reasons why I will only drink on special occasions:

  1. I found out that even the smallest amount gives me a full blown headache, and overnight migraine.

    Once I realized that my usual sangria sip was the main cause on persist migraines, I knew it had to go.

  2. It adds up the calories.

    Whether you want to realize it or not, the calories are ridiculously high. Maybe not on the first glass, but surely after your usual three and up the calories pack on tremendously.

  3. My DNA says so.

    Did you know that a variety of symptoms can stem from your DNA? Scroll down to the Alcohol Metabolism part of this article HERE From flushing, redness, stomach upset, acne, instant headaches, and so many other issues is actually a sign of “poison” to your DNA. When I mean poison, I mean that it’s literally rejecting the content of alcohol because your body never intended you to handle it.

  4. The health benefits are highly disputable among scientific studies and communities.

    Don’t want to expose my mega-nerdy mind right now, but let’s get realimente mi gente. If you google actual PubMed research articles from scientists, you’ll realize that the results vary based on so many factors. Let’s just say, there’s more against the so-called benefits in the long run of your lifetime.

  5. I love Sangria, but anything non-organic is a no-no.

    You might have heard growing up that wine is good for your body, but did you know that non-organic companies use disgusting ingredients (read more HERE) that was never originally used to make wine. So, especially like me if you’re lactose and talented (thx Bretman Rock) alcohol has ways of exposing its nasty self in many ways than one.

  6. Fruity and spicy for me, por favor!

    I only like alcoholic drinks that are loaded with fruit/spice bases like Rum, Sangria, and the sort. Maybe it’s my DNA again only here for a true party? Either way, hold the flavorless rubbing alcohol for someone else please.

  7. Alcohol is nice to enjoy, sparingly.

    I still want to try different kinds from all over the world, but in a taste testing amount. Through it all, you want to enjoy life and experience vast cultures through food or drink. While I may have a teaspoon amount for all the above reasons, appreciate the spiritual aspect to enjoying the fruits of the worlds labor.

Overall, enjoy in moderation for a healthy body and mind. If you also find yourself dealing with the same issues as me, don’t feel left out! More people are sensitive to it than you know. Once you realize how amazing you are without it, you will start to get creative with other drinks!



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