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How I Stay Relevant In A Big World

How I Stay Relevant In A Big World

It’s blanking hard. Trust me.

As a writer, we have so much to keep up with!

The newest product comes out every single day it seems. Plus, who has all the money in the world to spend on makeup nearly every day!! Not this chick here babe.

While I do wish I could keep up with the newest makeup or beauty product (I’m addicted, it’s sad.) I have decided to make the best use out of anything I purchase. 

For example, when I buy an eyeshadow palette, you will see me use every single color with as many looks that I can imagine. I won’t do just one look like most do.

Gotta make that moneys worth girl!

So here are my 3 tips to relevance: 

1. Don’t be a fake.  

  • Being fake is the easiest way to lose followers, friends, and possible collaborations. Nobody wants a copy-cat, fake, or downright jaded honey. Be yourself! Nobody in this world is better at being uniquely you than yourself. No need to be the next Kim K, Cardi B, or Jlo. They became famous because they’re TRUE! Fake people make me mad. Therefore I refuse to be around or collab with them! Only real people roll with me.

  • The key to relevance is authencity.


2. Stay humble. 

  • No matter what you do, remain humble. It doesn’t mean a thing whether you have 100-100 million followers/readers. Humility is worth more than gold. It’s super rare, and absolutely needed in this world more than ever. While I do love being extra bougie, humility should be right along there with your style. Thankfulness in all circumstances. Because at any moment it could be gone. I do my very best to remain down-to-earth in the craziest of situations. My loved ones are good at helping me in this department.


3. Only post what speaks to you, no spam. 

  • Everyone hates spam... unless you’re strange. Do not post articles that you don’t believe, love, or things that aren’t applicable to who you are. This goes back to number 1 with fakeness, because spam isn’t truthful. Roughly 1-3 posts a day will work on social media, and 1-5 blog articles a week. Anymore than that is definitely annoying. Stay true, post truth, and live truth. I don’t post too often for the simple fact that I only want to share what really matters to me! I don’t just make posts to make them, they’re of importance.


I hope you liked this article and will apply it to your world! Keep blogging, stay true, and be YOU.

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