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Faith Fuentes

ZARA First Impressions

This is my first time shopping online from Zara and these are my honest thoughts

This was my first Zara haul, and I have many opinions. I’m about to rant, so if you don’t want to hear truth then just scroll for the pretty pictures and drink your overly sugared $8 latte.

PRO'S: They have the best return policy. The styles are gorgeous, and the prices are affordable.

CON’S: Several items had to be returned because they arrived ripped. One shirt (the featured brown tank), has horrible craftsmanship. It shreds its string material all the time, unraveling from the bottom. I’m constantly snipping off its loose string, but I’m afraid that soon enough it’s going to be a bikini top rather than a shirt. I also had purchased a pair of pants that aren’t pictured, and as soon as they arrived, there was a split in the butt crack. I didn’t even try them on! It was very disappointing as I had never purchased from Zara before, so these were my first impressions.

Sizes of clothes featured:

Sleeveless Textured T-Shirt sized M

High Collar Knit Top sized M

Jacquard T-Shirt sized M

Vinyl and Animal Print Heeled Sandals in size 9

New Zara Haul

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LIVE Met Gala 2019 Best to Worst (But Pretty Much The Best)