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My 22nd Birthday Fashion Haul

My 22nd Birthday Fashion Haul

It’s my 22nd Birthday!

Oh, and this is a fashion haul… but that’s probably what you came here for in the first place.

Before we get into the goods let me state one thing clear first… never have I ever had a luxury brand bag before. This is my first time, and I’m looking forward to the next. (no double entendre here you sick perverts in the beauty industry. I know you’re reading this! *cue example of NARS and Too Faced product names). I also got these items on sale at Bloomingdale’s because I rarely pay for anything full price. Gotta get them coupons baby! I think honestly that I will never stop hunting for deals like a hungry lioness searching for some medium-rare steak seasoned in delicious marinade. No need to pretend here like I pay full price as the others who’ve sold their very soul to become an overnight sensation and have frivolous monetary possessions do. *coughs loudly into tears of laughter*

BEEEP. Program interruption again.

I tend to stray off course a lot. Just hang in there with me chingonas. I overall love my haul. The purse is super high quality (which it better be for the original price!), and the Aqua shoes really stunned me in a good way. I’ll definitely be purchasing from both companies again since they really put in the right effort into producing actual quality with style. The purse also comes with a Michael Kors white bag protector so it can be preserved from the aging elements that thrive in your home. (and if you are anything like me, those aging elements consist of flying dog hair and crazy loads of food grease in the air. I like. To cook.)

Below you will find some half-way there photography of my haul and some ever-so-slightly helpful links to the goods. No this isn’t an ad, and yes today was really my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!


Michael Kors snakeskin tote: HERE

AQUA snakeskin platform sandals: HERE

My empty wallet, lost sense of self-pride and dignity: HERE

I hope you found this article helpful next time you feel like spending your months rent and child’s lunch money on shart you don’t really need.


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