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LIVE Met Gala 2019 Best to Worst (But Pretty Much The Best)

LIVE Met Gala 2019 Best to Worst (But Pretty Much The Best)

LIVE Met Gala 2019 Best to Worst

(but pretty much the best)

Ever heard of a LIVE Article? Well, you have now! I will continue updating this article as the looks are being posted to social media/etc. KEEP REFRESHING

Lady Gaga

I think we can all agree that so far, this is Gaga’s night. So much so that I have to give her several embed’s into this article:

This makeup is giving me life.

Billy Porter

Aside from Lady Gaga, Billy stole the show. The Egyptian inspiration behind this look really made moves. I actually imagined myself in this position years ago, so thank you Billy. I shall live through your glory.

Serena Williams

The fact that she wore Nike’s with a dress, makes me love her even more. YES QUEEN!!!

Ashley Graham

This was such a stunning assemble! So unique and classy 100%

Yara Shahidi

So classy and absolutely gorgeous! Giving me Disney Princess vibras


This issa no from me honey!

Cardi B

As always, Cardi makes a STATEMENT. With this look I think it’s safe to say that CARDI IS IN THE HOUSE!


Ciara represents! Her gorgeous hair, super physically fit body, and stunning green dress stole the night away.

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☠️☠️☠️ #metgala 📸: Getty

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Celine Dion

I was told this dress weighs over 20 pounds and took thousands of hours to make. WOW. Aside from that, this dress is purely gorgeous. Celine is amazing as always, so let’s let our hearts go ON!

Olsen Twins

The Olsen twins made an appearance! This grungy early 00’s look is killing me (in a good way)

Kris Jenner

How can one woman looks younger as she ages?! Kris F*c&!# Jenner can! And here’s her Met look to prove it:

Elle Fanning

Elle is ICONIC!

Gemma Chan

I am definitely feeling Beyonce vibes with this dress, and Gemma is most certainly making her space with looking like a queen!

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Okay so, I had to put her name in all caps because sis… Kim defines beauty!

Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Okay, can they get their own Barbie dolls already?


Zendaya IS Cinderella! This was so amazing because her designer played the role of the fairy godmother! With a magical wand and all, she left her shoe on the stairs, and her dress transformed.


I think JLO always slays, but when she does you’re sure to find a lot of bling!

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