2 Disposable Eco-Straws

2 Non-Metal, Disposable Eco-Straws

Let’s face it, we’re not always going to carry around a metal straw in our bags or pockets. Sometimes we just need an alternative, disposable straw that’s not going to kill turtles or pollute the earth, please!

So far I adore these two paper and corn based straws. You can use a multitude of other companies out there, but these would have to be my top favorites:

World Centric: The corn based straws are sturdier than ANY PLASTIC straw I’ve ever used. Most plastic straws break as soon as you poke it through a drink hole or hold it at all, but these babies can probably be considered a weapon with how strong they are. They won’t break, they’re compostable, and very good for the environment.

Preserve Compostables: These paper straws are also quite strong for a paper straw. Fantastic for open cups, and are easy to hold. However, as with any paper straw, don’t press down too hard or it might break. Paper straws are the best for the environment in terms of the fact that it’s made of paper and literally disintegrates into the earth after a certain amount of time. This one comes in a large pack, and you can throw these away/recycle just like the corn.

Happy Earth Day!

*this article is not sponsored or paid for by the brands mentioned in this article.

Just an honest recommendation!