BODY & BODY II by KKWFragrance



$60 USD


BODY II- Sparkling, Beachy Floral

BODY- Luminous, Juicy Floral


I bought these fragrances in hopes of an amazingly unique scent with a long-lasting effect, but left disappointed. The scent is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t last longer than an hour. Which is entirely different than KKWFragrance’s Crystal Gardenia collection, who lasts all day with just one spray. These retail for $60 no discount, and for a perfume that costs that much I hoped for it to last longer than an hour. On the scent side though, I was captivated by the uniqueness, and beauty. Sadly, this is not #FOGOSAFAITH approved due to the price + short lasting scent combo, but if you want to carry something in your purse and constantly re-apply, then this is your go-to.

UPDATE: The bottle itself is coated by some sort of paint, which has since chipped off all over. What started as a few chips, turned into a chip nightmare on the bottom of the bottle. The concept was great, but the quality is lacking. For the price, I expected my container to stay the same in a few months time span. Love the scent, wish it lasted longer, and the bottle is very cheap. TIP: Store in its original container to prevent any more flaking of the paint.