Kylie Cosmetics Adios Spring Haul

I decided to retry a Kylie Cosmetics haul to kiss spring goodbye in 2019, and these are my thoughts:

PROS: The eyeshadow is so creamy, and the shades are gorgeous. The gloss has a nice formula, and is lightly sparkly which is perfect for a daily look. The liner is also creamy, and can be used alone as a lipstick or as a liner. The prices are reasonable, especially compared to other in-style makeup lines on the market.

CONS: The eyeshadow is very hard to mix with other shades, so I would recommend using a single shade or lightly apply a different color on top gently. Also, I have found that these don’t work well with water on a brush, so only use a regular dry brush. The liner is easy to fall out, so make sure it is constantly freshly shaved. The gloss wasn’t filled to the top, so that was kind of disappointing for the price-point.

Peach Extended eyeshadow palette: Is not #fogosafaith validated due to the difficult time I had with blending the mattes with the other shades. Best for an overall, single shade eye look.

Tequila Tan bronzer: IS #fogosafaith validated. Blends into my skin perfectly, is my exact shade, and lightly gives me a contoured look. For a deeper contour, opt for a darker shade.

Coconut liner: IS #fogosafaith validated. The creaminess is amazing, works for a lipstick, and is affordable.

Yesss Girl gloss: Is not #fogosafaith validated due to the fact that the gloss is not full to the top, it is far from the top actually. Maybe mine was a dud, but I definitely am not impressed at the oz. The shade is beautiful though, and so is the texture.

*this article was not paid for by the above brands mentioned. Just an honest review!