7 Steps to the Perfect Skincare Regimen

7 Steps to the Perfect Skincare Regimen

7 Steps to the Perfect Skincare Regimen

  1. A few grand moisturizers

    Organic of course. However, if I were to be brutally honest, sometimes it’s not “Organic” per-say but it must be alcohol-free and natural. If your skincare products contain alcohol then it will dry your skin, which causes excess sebum, therefore acne due to your skin crying for more moisture. If you’re anything like me, you NEED intense moisture on skincare products.

  2. Two different eye creams

    A lot of people will try to sell you the next best eye cream from their brand. Which I am all for no doubt. The only problem, is many will sell you the eye CREAM not based on the morning or night. They won’t tell you that you need a light morning one, and a heavy night cream. I like to trade out different companies for a variety, but at the end and beginning of the day I stick to a morning and night eye cream. Double protection.

  3. Oils for Days

    Lately I have been loving my Maracuja oil. It’s been the highlight of my morning. Literally, due to the glow effect it has on the face. It acts as a barrier, protects the skin from foreign elements, provides moisture, and heals skin. Vitamin E can be added to specific dry areas, or even in a moisturizer. I also use coconut oil at night, for a deep moisture soak.

  4. Night Cream

    While I use my daily or morning moisturizer for the AM hour, in the PM I specifically like to use a night cream. When I was first starting out in the world of skincare, I had no idea how important night creams were or what their purpose even was. Again, make sure this is alcohol free, natural, and not with heavy fragrance.

  5. Toner (not pictured)

    It’s not pictured, but I always use a liquid toner on a cloth. I’ll mention in detail what specific toners I use in another article. Anyhow, a toner is needed as a way to prep the skin for any of the above products. It should be the very first step to your actual skincare routine once you’ve washed your face. Without a toner, the above products will not sink into the skin effectively.

  6. Masks

    I use sheet, clay, liquid, peel, and glycolic masks. No, I don’t go crazy with them and drench myself in masks like some lonely dog mom (yes, yes I do). Nevertheless, I do enjoy spending my Friday nights in with a glass of organic sangria and a good mask. It’s rejuvenating and healing. Like a mini trip to Italy in the summer with a smorgasbord of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ahhhh. Sorry, I drifted off into another daydream. This happens often. Sorry! (not sorry)

  7. A spray toner

    Okay. You might be thinking to yourself, YOU JUST MENTIONED A TONER! Alright, yes, but listen. A spray toner is kind of like a setting spray for your face that hydrates, and refreshes your skin even more. If you purchase one with Neem Oil, it can also be used to kill bacteria and acne. I would highly suggest only getting an organic spray toner, since you will be spraying it all over your eyes and neck. After your morning and nightly routine, don’t forget to spritz a toner to reset and refresh your delicate skin.


If you’re like me and suffer from chapped lips, then use a daily lip scrub. There are ones that you can easily rinse off in the shower, DIY ones that won’t break the bank, and some that you can even eat! They work for me, and prep the lips for your favorite lip balm or oil.


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