My Favorite Revlon Lipsticks Thus Far

my collection thus far:

Mauvy Night, Blushed, Black Cherry, Cherries In The Snow, Smoky Rose, Coralberry, Silver City Pink, Abstract Orange, Spicy Cinnamon, Nude Attitude, and Certainly Red

Drugstore Beauty

Drugstore finds like these lipsticks are perfect for mixing with other colors, or even applying a liquid metal



Have a knack for mix-matching colours?

You can slice some colors, melt together, pour in a small pan, and apply using a small lipstick brush.


I love purple

The best thing about their range is the incorporation of purples. Sadly, I can't wear the pinks I've bought because it washes my skin out. I have a golden undertone, so the best shades I recommend are purples, browns, terracotta, and yellow/golds.


For those who look good in pink...

There is so many to choose from!

The best part? It's only $4.99*


This article was not paid for by Revlon. Just an honest review!

*Price varies on the store.