Why You Need An AM & PM Eye Cream

Why You Need An AM & PM Eye Cream

Thin or Thick? This is normally never discussed! Most companies recommend for you to use the same eye cream both in the morning and at night, but I highly disagree.

Morning Routine: In the morning, people tend to go to work and wear some sort of foundation or BB cream on top of their moisturizer. From my experience, having a thin eye cream is much better in the morning, and one that works with your makeup especially. The last thing you want to happen is have your eye cream flake or make your makeup slide down your face. When researching for an eye cream, opt for a thin, water based one for AM so it can quickly sink into the skin so you can move on through your day.

Night Routine: At night, a PM cream should be thick (thicc). You need something that takes awhile to sink into the skin. You can tell if it’s thick enough if you take a small amount on the skin like your finger, turn it upside down, and if it drops then it’s not the right consistency. It will slide down your skin, and you need a thick cream. The reason for this, is so that it can work with your body while you sleep. Night holds the hours of healing, and with applying your nightly oils and thick creams, this will allow your body to hold in and actually start to rejuvenate your skin.


The (blue) Andalou Naturals Coconut Water Eye Lift Cream is just what I need to replenish any dry skin, and it works well with my makeup. This is a very thin and water based eye cream, lightly scented (almost no scent), which is perfect if you’re looking for a quick replenish in the morning. This is also a natural product which is an A on my list.

The (pink) Shiseido WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream is so amazing to literally preserve my skin at night. This formula is extremely thick, not sticky, lightly scented, and excellent for any season. My only cons to this cream is a few ingredients, so I am currently looking for a alternative. If you don’t mind certain ingredients, then this will be perfect for you. I feel this is truly effective, but I definitely wish it was clean beauty.

from image above:


Andalou Naturals Coconut Water Eye Lift Cream

$19.99 - for parched and depleted skin


Shiseido WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream

$60.00 - ultra-rich and anti-aging

No makeup, and feeling hydrated as ever!

No makeup, and feeling hydrated as ever!

*this article was not paid for nor sponsored by the mentioned products.

Story Time: bareMinerals

As a way to take you back to one of my favorite memories ever, I decided to dedicate this article to a specific moment of time. In the summer of my early teenage years, I was gifted this cute little iridescence by bareMinerals. At the time I did not know much about makeup, but I did own a few Barbie makeup kits and Claire’s lip glosses. However, this time, I remember unscrewing the cap slowly so I would not accidentally drop any of the loose powder out. Fast forward to today, and the only bit that's left is sparkly residue of joy.  

There I was, 13 years old with my very first “big girl” makeup product

There I was, 13 years old with my very first "Big Girl" makeup product. Staring back into the mirror with my long ashy blonde hair, unplucked brows, and the biggest smile I could manage. Little did I know that this was just the start of a lifelong passion for makeup, and a semi-empty wallet for years to come. 

Faith Fuentes

I love this company for the quality, minerals, and colors. Here’s a little photo shoot of my first real makeup in a twig basket, with seashells and black stones. I felt a little beachy/mermaid vibes. ;) 

There's not much left at all to this little makeup holder, but the memories will last a lifetime. ♡

Faith Fuentes


Pink was my first favorite color, so that's why my mom bought me this beautiful, sparkly pink mineral.

I remember rummaging through her makeup box, trying on all different colors and even foundation. She is much darker than I am, but I used her powder and CC cream anyway. It was very noticeable, so she eventually gave me a powder foundation that was my tone. My guess is that she rather I looked my natural tone than walk around looking silly. (love you mom!)

Growing up, I was always fascinated with art. It was not until my late teens though that I decided to take makeup to a whole new level in my life. I started wearing mascara, eyeliner, powder foundation, lipstick, and fixed my brows. Contouring did not introduce itself to me however, until just last year. Trust me, it takes a lot... a lot... a... LOT of practice. Blending should be an Olympic sport!

I look at makeup as a form of art. It has a way of making me feel happiness

This color, Whisper, is absolutely gorgeous, and looks just like my first eyeshadow color.

A lot has changed in the bareMinerals world since the first time I received this life changer, in fact they have so many different products I wish I could try them all! Well it's a bit out of reach right now for me, but a girl can dream, am I right?

Dream on sweet makeup lovers, and never forget your humble beginnings.

In my case, it all started with a little round pink eyeshadow and matching brush that I somehow managed to lose over the years.

Note to self: buy a better makeup organizer... and start using post-its. Scratch that, you'll forget the darn notes. Just go to the store right now.


Faith Ann Fuentes.


As of now, if I don’t have a product mean’t for: tight curly, dry, thick, and colored hair then that thing won’t work. My biggest needs are moisture, curl hold, detangling, and color protecting. With that being said, I have found a few great companies thus far that cater to my needs: Shea Moisture and Giovanni. However, not everything is 100% perfect for my hair! That’s when I branch off into different waters, with some amazing products from different companies. 

My hair care products are a literal blessing to me. Which is very hard to say by the way when you’re discussing products of any kind. There’s like a million different ones on the market! One thing I’ve learned when it comes to hair care, is that my texture has drastically changed over the years. I once upon a time had straight blonde hair as a child, which then turned into thick wavy sandy blonde hair, then into thick curly taupe/ashen blonde all naturally. It’s all genetic, but definitely gets tough when it’s time to decide what products  I should use.

When it comes to shampoo + conditioner, Shea Moisture has it going on. I also adore their Curling Gel Soufflé as a pair with the Brighten & Restore Leave In Conditioner every time after a shower. 

Giovanni 2 Chic Hair Repairing Hair Oil Serum ($6), Pantene Curl Defining Mousse ($4), Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair spritz ($8), Chi Helmet Head Hair Spray ($15), Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroCream Whip ($24)

Giovanni 2 Chic Hair Repairing Hair Oil Serum ($6), Pantene Curl Defining Mousse ($4), Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair spritz ($8), Chi Helmet Head Hair Spray ($15), Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroCream Whip ($24)


Shampoo and condition with Shea Moisture products/and Giovanni Soothing Hair Mask in shower. Slightly towel dry hair after shower. When i’m finished applying the conditioner and soufflé, I brush my hair out. Next, apply a small amount of the Unite Boing curling cream through the hair and squeeze all the hair to the scalp for extra “boing”. Finally, blow/diffuser dry hair, then apply some Eco Professional Styling gel into the hair for protected curls, and comb baby hairs with the Edge Gel. Set with some Giovanni hair spritz, or Chi Helmet Head hair spray and you’re done! 


I did a Chris Appleton inspired wet hair look the other day! This was so much fun to do.

Details: IRONIC matte lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics, Too Faced foundation in Sand, Morphe Eyeshadow palette, and Too Faced prime spray. 


Below is a picture taken a month or so ago, with a fully diffused/after semi braids, style, and all the products above except Boing by Unite. 


This hair mask below I will recommend to anyone and everyone. If you have any form of dry or frizzy hair, this is the one for you! Giovanni products are awesome and if you haven’t tried them yet you need to now.



That’s my hair care 101! Any other products I use will be mentioned in future articles, but these products I use on a daily/weekly basis.

Enjoy! Xoxo 

*this article is not an ad, just an honest review!  All products/companies featured are a personal preference of Faith Fuentes, not a paid endorsement.