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How to Choose the Best Cheese-stuffed Olive in 4 Steps

I love cheese. Especially cheese-stuffed olives aka “drupes”. I also am lactose intolerant, but that goes out the door as soon as you show me cheese (until 30 minutes later it comes back). Now I’m no expert, but I do have awesome taste buds especially when it comes to these delicious fruit. I can decipher if you give me some cheap factory food versus the real deal. For this, I wanted to share some knowledge that I have in order to find the best tasting olives for you BEFORE you eat it.

  1. The olive should be soft, but not mushy. A hard olive means it had issues with harvesting or curing, and therefore nasty to taste. Some olives are known for their hard texture, but in this case the softer the better.

  2. The cheese must be real, not processed. The cheese on the left side of the image, was clearly processed to the Nth degree. It can clearly be seen as in a perfect line, no mess, dry, crumbly, stale, and zero flavor. While the right olives, have a messy, natural, full-bodied flavor. Messy means it will melt in your mouth, make you happy, and convert to Oliveigion. If loving olives were a religion.

  3. The brine or oil. If your olives are resting in a nasty brine or oil 24/7, then there’s nothing different to expect from what it will taste like. Take a good look at the jar. It should appear fresh, thick, and delicious. You can tell a lot from looks alone, as you can demonstrate with my olives cut in half.

  4. The ingredients. Check the back for additives, any extra preservatives, things like “whey”, color stabilizers, “gums”, or any other non-essential should-be furloughed ingredients that were only created to fill the void of high-quality. Natural is best!

That’s all for today angels! I hope this was some help to your stuffed-cheese-olive needs. As I could tell a difference, so will you. Take some time to LIKE, FOLLOW, & COMMENT on this post via Instagram or this article below!

XOXO, Faith

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