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Quick Morning Low-Cal Iced Latte

When I want a coffee, I want a coffee. Raised in America, I have learned that things need to be done in the quickest amount of time possible with the best results. For me, that would be effective caffeine done right=minus the high carbs or sugar in the morning! For this quick and delicious iced latte, you’ll only need 3 ingredients that will take no time at all.


Brew 4oz of your finest espresso. I used the Café Bustelo ground espresso.

1/8 cup Unsweetened Almond milk

1/4 cup Stōk Oatmilk Cold Brew Coffee

Pre-chill coffee for about an hour or longer for the best flavor, and the ice won’t melt if the coffee is cold. TIP: brew espresso at night, pour in clean/enclosed pourable container for super quick access and freshly cold brewed coffee in the morning.

Next, take a cup and add ice (crushed for a frappe, cubed for a standard iced latte).

Lastly, pour chilled coffee over ice. Add the low-cal flavored cold brew of your choice (mine is listed in Ingredients), then top with the unsweetened almond milk.

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