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Faith's Frozen Margarita Recipe

Faith's Frozen Margarita Recipe

I’m calling these Faith’s Frozen Margarita Recipe but I actually refer to them at home as humidity island margaritas. Now this is for a very simple reason: I don’t live on the beach or an island, and the humidity outside is dreadful. Plus, the first name sounds more marketable. (bleh) I need a little escape! So now can you. xoxo


2-5 shots of Gold Rum or tequila (optional: for a virgin version of this drink, substitute for 2 shots of lime juice).

2-3 Orange/Lemons mix. (I have these hybrid citrus, but if you don’t then a mix will do)

1 Frozen lemonade concentrate. (something like frozen Minute Maid tubes)

1/4 cup of lime juice

1 can of high fat coconut milk

3 cups of crushed ice

Organic cane sugar (or salt)


Prep by slicing and deseeding the fruit for juicing and garnish. Set aside.

Make sure blender is high powered, and ready for crushing ice. Pour in 3 cups of ice, 1 frozen lemonade concentrate, and 4 tbsp of high fat coconut milk solids with 1/8 cup of its liquid (or 1/2 a regular sized can). Blend until ice is fine, and consistency is like a thick slushie, but with no ice solids.

Add shots of rum to your likings, and lime, juice fruit into blender. Blend well.


Lightly tap rim of desired cup into margarita juice, then place on top of a sugar filled plate, upside down. Since rim is finished with sugar (or salt), you can now pour your drink from the blender into the cup.

Garnish rim with sliced fruit. Enjoy!

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