Shiseido versus Revlon Eyelash Curler

I just found Japanese salvation in my eyelash routine

So many people have talked about how they love their eyelash curler and blah blah blah.

I was not one of those people. I hated mine, and felt hopeless for the longest time. UNTIL recently. I was doing some late night Google searches (per usual) and discovered this beautiful company called Shiseido. That name rings cute little kisses in my ears now that I know how awesome their products are!!

*smoochy smoochy*

Okay I’ll stop being weird. (we all know that ain’t gonna happen). False hope my little munchkins. You’re stuck with me forevaaa (cue Cardi B saying forevaaaa)

Back to what I was initially saying since I tend to run off topic a lot. My long flat lashes that curve downward never would curl up using the Revlon eye lash curler. Sadly, I used that one for years. The standard eyelash curlers are made for people with round eyes. I do not have round eyes. My eye are like almond eyes or something. I have no clue. All I know is that the curler would never be long enough for my eyes, therefore half of my eye was literally not curled at all. NOT COOL DUDE.

Fast forward years of half done lash looks. I now have beautifully curled lashes… ALL of them. The Shiseido curls my inner and outer corner lashes with no problem, and makes me look very voluminous. I highly recommend the Shiseido curler, it was the best $22 I've ever spent. To see what it really did to my lashes, check out my IG highlights: @faithafuentes

HOT FACT: Shiseido was founded in 1872 by a Japanese pharmacist named Arinobu Fukuhara.

Shiseido PROS & CONS

Pros: It curls all of my lashes, both outer and inner corners. Turns my flat downward lashes and brings them to life. Does not pinch my lid, or hit my hit.

Cons: It is $22 which is quite expensive compared to your standard eyelash curler price.

Revlon PROS & CONS

Pros: If you have round eyes, this is for you. The price is relatively inexpensive. $5

Cons: If you eyes like mine, this is not for you. Pinched my lid, and hurt my brow-bone-lid area when you go to curl.



The Shiseido curler is FogosaFaith Validated with a 5 star!

*This article was not sponsored by Revlon or Shiseido. Just an honest review!