It’s official. I’ve sold my soul to Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Hear me ROAR! Lol

Okay, all jokes aside, I love Bobbi Brown so much that I wish there was a Bobbi Brown hotel or something so I could be surrounded by all their products. Let me begin to show and tell you why…

  1. The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base is a miracle made by the angels of heaven above sent down by the goddess of beautiful skin. $60

    The creamy texture concerned me at first because of my combination skin, but I wore it for a whole 24 hours and not only did I maintain a clean acne-free face, but it was super hydrated! No fine lines! I will never buy a different primer ever again. I recommend this 10 out of 10 to everybody, no matter your skin texture.

  2. The concealer duo is a better invention than chocolate with peanut butter! (Ok not really lets be real, but it’s super close.) $38. + The Concealer Blending brush $36

    The concealer has a tarry feel, which I NEED. I have thin under eyes so liquidy concealer literally falls off of my face, and never covers or lasts. This formula is crazy good. It has a way of sticking under my eyes without budging at all. Then when you set with the loose powder, it just makes everything pop. I’m not one who goes for a lighter concealer since I light the powder to do the brightening, so I use shade Warm Natural to match my foundation, then use it’s duo Pale Yellow lightly over top. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the concealer blending brush to accurately apply the concealer. It helped me 100 times better than any other applicator.

    3. The Eye Opening Mascara is wonderful. $31

    I just loved this cute sample! The fluffy bristles are a must have in every makeup bag. This works great with falsies, or without!

    This was such a wonderful review for me since it’s a breath of fresh air to finally have products that I can’t give even one negative feedback on! This concealer that not only matches my skin, but stays on all day long without moving. The primer was also amazing because most primers tend to be too drying or wet, but this was so creamy, and left me oil free. <3

This article was not paid for by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, just an honest review!