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The Vibe Editorial by Faith Ann Fuentes

Faith Fuentes is a beauty aficionado with a passion for the industry, art, and the world's vast cultures. Beauty is about maintaining the healthiest skin you can achieve, all the while enhancing your naturally good looks. Professional or not, we don't judge, makeup is for everyone. “Ever since I was a child, I adored beauty, fashion, and music. As life moved on, my passion only became stronger. With the love and support from my mother, I learned how to apply makeup as a way to have fun.”. With the vigor to discover the best makeup and skincare to suit our needs, Faith is on a mission to bring skin justice in maquillage. Where there's a will there's a way, and this editorial is determined to show you the best in the business.

I have a warm/olive/Golden complexion so it can be difficult to find the right products for people with my skin tone. I’m on a mission, honey!
Have a little Faith in your beauty routine
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"I remember my first (real) eyeshadow was a small, light pink round with sparkles from bareMinerals. It wasn't until 2015 however that makeup and skincare became a more serious avenue in my life. I decided to purchase eyeliner, mascara, BB cream, and a plethora of other products I could get my hands on." quotes Faith. As years have passed by, she decided to share this journey through articles, where The Vibe Editorial was brought into life.

As an outlet to help others on their beauty road, The Vibe Editorial provides refreshing inspiration, tips, honest reviews, and more activated through the personal style of Faith Fuentes.