la vida, à la mode; [the life, contemporary] was founded in 2017 to provide honest and transparent articles for everyone in search of true beauty and transformed living. Every article carefully considers the beauty industry, modern lifestyle, fashion, culture, cuisine, and hottest trends for the most reliable information to date. Beauty is about maintaining the healthiest skin you can achieve, all the while enhancing your natural looks. Professional or not, we don't judge, beauty is for everyone. This is an experience of textures, ingredients, quality, colors, and the overall craftsmanship of goods. Utilizing the various cultures connected to Faith Fuentes, her desire is to pave a road of diversity with influence, articles, projects, and words. Every article or story is meant to speak to your soul, give you ideas, and inspire the mind.




Faith Fuentes is an biracial, polymath, multi-talented artist, designer, writer, and beauty influencer.

She is educated in Business Entrepreneurship, Business Communications, and Hospitality Management from multiple universities.

As an independent artist and designer, Faith Fuentes is also a personal consultant for art directing and selective business coaching.

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The Vibe Editorial

During 2017, Faith was struggling to find a beauty website dedicated towards everyone in an authentically honest way. Using the strength of her mixed culture, she then took it to herself to create a successful blog turned editorial dedicated to those who find it difficult in the industry to find products that flatter their skin tone, eyes, hair, and personal style. As a way to go against the grain and be the difference, the ultimate goal is to promote diversity in the beauty industry in hopes of a more progressive and vibrant world.



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Faith is of North Carolina Cherokee, Mexican Indigenous, Spanish, Irish, and other descent.

Standing with power, she is very interested in celebrating her heritage all while doing whatever she can to shine light on communities, and encourage fellow POC/WOC to embrace heritage with valor.