Faith Ann Fuentes is an artist, writer, designer, entrepreneur, and modern renaissance woman. She has a deep love for all things beauty, fashion, art, nature, wellness, food, and life. Born in the Sunshine State, Faith discovered her unrelenting desire for creativity at a young age. Her continuous moving growing up has prepared her for living life large, and helped the formation of who she is today. As a photographer, artist, designer, cook/baker, musician, writer, student, and traveler; she manages to find balance between being a businesswoman by day and mama to one rowdy Australian Cattle Dog named Brantley Armando by evening. She has studied Business Entrepreneurship and Business Communications in the past. As of 2018 she is currently a student in Hospitality Management from the University of Alabama, with a specialization for events. In terms of design, she focuses on events, interior, and fashion.

The birth of The Vibe Editorial

During 2017 she was struggling to find a beauty website dedicated towards women with light brown/olive skin, and golden/green undertones. However, Faith is not one to wait around. She then took it to herself to create a successful blog/editorial dedicated to other women who find it difficult in the industry to find products that flatter their skin tone, eyes, hair, and personal style. As a way to go against the grain and be the difference, she decided to start The Vibe Editorial. Promoting diversity is her ultimate goal, in hopes of a more vibrant world.


Faith’s mission is to promote diversity, bridge the divide between following your passions and a growing career, educate, draw attention to personal overall wellness, encourage fellow racially mixed individuals to embrace each of their cultures, let your art shine bright through any outlet, and be uniquely you with full confidence.


Devoted to her diverse ancestry, she desires to use her knowledge, cultures, and experiences as a platform to influence those around her. Through raising awareness, education, leadership, fun, and philanthropy, her goal is to influence women with the strength of her admixed and Indigenous heritage. As of 2017 she has founded “A Modern Woman’s Guide to Beauty” TheVibeEditorial.com editorial, FaithFuentes.com, a lifestyle blog, sells Faith Fuentes original artwork, and presents a newly seasonal review, FIEBRE.




Faith is of North Carolina Cherokee, South/Central Native American, Latina, Spanish, Irish, Scottish, Italian, English, African, Scandinavian, and of other descent.